Since Agroktinotrofiki’s first day we have known that selling products and providing services is not sufficient for a company. Every day we should prove both to ourselves and to our partners our devotion to adequate production, distribution of quality products, search for innovative practices to improve production as well as development of our customers.

We believe that the industry is developed only through full and continuous cooperation of our specialists with the stock-farmers aiming at optimized production.

Strong bonds of trust are Agroktinotrofiki’s heritage, which has been built up over time with customers and contractors having turned us into the leading force of the market.

We will keep trying and remain loyal to our values and principles!


Agroktinotrofiki’s rich heritage entails many short stories that make up the reason of its existence: stand by the stock-farmers providing full support, training, quality services and innovative products.


The company starts its journey when Yiannis Gevrekis meets with Thanassis Tzelepis and decide to become partners. At that time, the company focused its activity on trading agricultural and livestock farming supplies, such as medicine, fertilisers, seeds and dietary supplements.


The leading team is growing bigger with Dimitris Tzelepis. The company can afford to purchase land where our new facilities are set up, near Ag. Athanasios, Thessaloniki.


The company expands its activity to livestock farming unit equipment and genetic material in an attempt to continue satisfying its customers’ needs.


The company expands even more using the existing capitals.


Agroktinotrofiki becomes a corporation (SA) with Thanasis Lahanas and Alexis Tsampoulatidis joining the team.


To provide better and quicker service at the livestock farming units in Thessali, the company opens a new branch in Larissa.


Agroktinotrofiki with Allflex Europe SAS, a worldwide leading company in livestock branding, launches five (5) different types of certified standard ear tags in the Greek market.


Despite the fact that Greece faces serious recession, the company continues to grow and proceeds in new investments creating a new fully-high-tech-equipped unit to produce high quality dietary supplements.


Agroktinotrofiki now starts an identification system using electronic prills and electronic ear tags.

Larissa’s branch