Agroktinotrofiki follows the principles of product sales of optimal quality to stock-farmers; in 2009 it proceeded into the construction of a state-of-art production plant of mineral supplementary animal feed. This new asset that has been added to our company of technicians and nutritionists enabled us to include the whole range of livestock, such as sheep-goats, dairy cows, fattening beef cattle, pigs, birds, rabbits.

Mineral feed for each animal category
We have created a wide variety of mineral feed for animal category up to today. Each animal category has a wide variety of mineral feed capable of covering the needs of every age limit and growth stage. For example, in the category of sheep and goats, there are lamb-raising mineral feeds for reproduction and four dairy dry cow mineral feed. This has enabled us to cover all the animal nutritional needs of a livestock farming unit in the best way to our power.

Special Mineral feed for each client
We are also able to compose and produce mineral feed of special composition for a stock-farmer, if this is necessary due to types of diet or special problems (e.g. cattle infertility, cattle limping, etc.) following our specialists suggestions.

Vitamin and mineral premixes
Another product category that we produce is vitamin and mineral premixes, which addresses mainly to animal feed factories and fodders, as well as to large farms that have hi-tech animal feed processing plants.

The mechanical part, a state-of-art complex of European origin, consists of ten INOX silo, an electronic weighing hopper, air freight shipping (so as not to waste any raw material), a high-tech INOX mixing pot, an anti magnetic mixing pot and an electronic weigher 1:1.000.000 (i.e. 1 gram/ ton) and a clipping machine.

The whole process is carried out automatically via a PC and PLC registering electronically in total all the used material for each batch, so that the human error could be eliminated. It is not coincidental that the result has given us the first place in Greece in an appropriate and enforceable examination in the degree of mixing.

The raw material (vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, etc.) is purchased by certified and reliable companies and is stored under special conditions to ensure its quality is maintained until it is exhausted.

The personnel is specialised and experienced in the production of mineral mixtures, while the final products are stored under conditions of maintenance (temperature, humidity, ventilation and lightning) until they reach the client.