SCR HEATIME is a unique, innovative and autonomous health monitoring tool, which carries real-time information about nutrition and animal welfare.

Advantages of SCR Heatime HR System
1. Direct detection of oestrus
2 Monitoring and surveillance of animal health
3. Optimizing nutrition
4. Quick monitoring the effectiveness of therapies

Detection of oestrus
Automated detection of oestrus helps to increase the pregnancy rate, eliminating the need for visual monitoring of the animals and eliminating the guesswork. It is possible to reduce the time and the need for specialized labor, to reduce the interval of calving, while minimizing the reliance on excess use of hormonal compositions in the control of reproduction. Additionally, collapsed birth interval – capture, enhanced the rate of genetic improvement of livestock, leading to production of more milk cow’s lifetime.


– Identifies which cows are truly in estrus
– Minimizes false positive katagrafesVeltionei the success rate in TS
– Reduces the cost of veterinary expenses and insemination
– Reduces the calving interval
– Strengthens the rate of genetic improvement
– Improves milk
– Reduces the time, man-hours and cost

Monitoring – monitoring of animal health
Rumination is a direct indication of the health and wellbeing of the cow. Breeders and nutritionists use regurgitating as crucial illustration of the health of dairy cows. The rate of rumen must be checked regularly for early detection of disease. Early drawing treatment reduces the duration of the disease and by limiting the required treatment.


– Enhances the lactation curve for maximum milk production
– Displays time and accurately the effectiveness of the diet or change in diet.
– Detects Early Stage health problems, allowing application deterrent / preventive actions.
– Confirms the effectiveness of veterinary interventions
– Closely monitor the animal health risk periods.
– Evaluates the restoration of cows immediately after calving.

Maximizing return on investment through the ability of the system to process and utilize large volume and variety of data.

Upgraded in order to expand management capabilities
Efficient upgrade starting from the interface on the touch screen to the PC-based SCR Heatime Pro System. Use existing tags for more strengthened and centralized management of health and reproduction.

Optional upgrades to support expansion
He extended the system as the herd grows and needs change. Optional upgrade kits allow easy incorporation of new features such as a highly efficient registration system, individual identification package for armektirio, diefryntes variance and more.

The investment is protected by the remote software upgrade of tags
Advanced communication features for the effective management of tags. The two-way wireless communication to and from tags, enables remote update and upgrade, facilitates maintenance and protects the investment.

Installation Types
Below you can see examples of installation, which can be adjusted depending on the conditions prevailing in farming.

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SCR HealthyCow24 easy management from mobile and tablet
With SCR HealthyCow24, thanks to Wi-Fi and the 3G connection you can watch remote mobile and tablet health and breeding of cows and have immediate access to information and data.